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Training with the Modern Mystery School

I trained for almost 5 years with the Modern Mystery School and went through 6 of their 7 initiations.  I was therefore considered a high level initiate.  Many of the classes, activations and healings that I offer come from training directly received through this school.  This knowledge has been passed down for thousands of years and serves as powerful tools for change and transformation.  In 2019, I began to study with the Damanhur Mystery School, a school with a much different philosophy and approach, one more in alignment with my mission and purpose.  Below is the specific perspective of the Modern Mystery School, and not necessarily my point of view at this time.

What is a Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School considers there to be 7 primary mystery schools on the planet.  They are all closed to the public, as they have been for thousands of years, all except The Modern Mystery School.  The Modern Mystery School opened its doors to the public 23 years ago because the believed the world was finally in a place where it is ready to hear and learn what the mystery school has known for thousands of years.  According to them, in order to call yourself a mystery school, there must be three things present: 

  1. An accounting of the direct handing down of knowledge from one Ipsissimus (The Highest Order of Ranking) to another that can be traced back thousands of years.  

  2. A person to whom the lineage is traced.  In the case of The Modern Mystery School, our lineage is traced to the Lineage of King Salomon.

  3. In the handing down from one Ipsissimus to another, specific keys are given that unlock the mysteries of the universe.  These are the keys that change lives and can change the world. 

The Modern Mystery School

It is the mission of The Modern Mystery School   to serve humanity by raising the consciousness of the planet in order to bring about World Peace.  They desire to help all people remember who they truly are - divine, eternal beings.  They do this through initiations, healings and the sharing of sacred, ancient knowledge with the hopes that each of us will become the Adam Kadmon, or God-Being in the flesh.  This school opened its doors to the public in 1997 by the founder, Gudni Gudnason.  The headquarters of the school are currently located in Toronto, ON, although there are affiliate locations all over the world.

The Third Order

Founder Gudni Gudnason expanded the school and its teachings to include thousands of initiates world-wide.  In order to help with this expansion, he brought up two men to the level Ipsissimus:  Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome.  They are called Third Order.

Founder Gudni "Ged" Gudnason

Founder Gudni was born Gudni Halldor Gudnason von Thoroddsen  in Iceland.  From an early age he was selected by the England mystery school to study the mysteries which he did for many years.  After leaving the school, he opened a Kabbalah Center in Europe before he was told by the Hierarchy of Light to go to America.  Once arriving in the United States, Gudni met a Native American man who was the Ipsissimus of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School.  That man handed the keys to the school to Gudni.  The school operated in the United States for many years before relocating to Toronto, On.  Founder Gudni is initiated in the Great Pyramids, and is a High Priest under Melchizedek and Isis, is a Druidic Shaman, Celtic Medicine Man, Knights Templar, and Guardian of the Grail. 

Ipsissimus Dave "Thor" Lanyon

Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon has been helping to expand The Modern Mystery School since 2004.  He is well accomplished in business and marketing, expanding the mystery school to over 55 countries, and is therefore in charge of the headquarters in Toronto, On.  He is a highly accomplished martial arts instructor, having won many titles in various styles.  Ipsissimus Dave leads the world-wide Order of the Warriors of Light.  He was activated in the Great Pyramids, is a High Priest of Egyptian and Enochian Magick, and specializes on Viking, Celtic and Egyptian Shamanism.

Ipsissimus Hideto "Rei" Nakagome

Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome grew up in the United States where he lived and became a business man.  He has traveled all over the world, learning about various cultures.  He is a Priest with Mikkyo Esoteric Buddhism and is currently head instructor of the Ensofic Ray Institute.  Ipsissimus Hideto comes from a pure Japanese Bushi or Samarai family and has been with The Modern Mystery School since 2000.

The Council of Twelve

The three male Ipsissimus' are balanced by a Council of Twelve goddesses.  Six women were chosen from the East and six from the West to sit on The Council of Twelve. If the Third Order have an idea, they bring it before the Council of Twelve who bless it or say no to it.  This blending of masculine and feminine energy is one of the seven Hermetic Principles and is how things have been done since the beginning of time.  Angels, as well as God and Goddesses, always express through this blending of energy.  The Tree of Life and all creative expression comes from the beautiful dance of the masculine and feminine, of force and form.  The Mystery School is no different.

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