Dr. Kimberlee Woods

From the time I was young, I always felt like there was something more to life. In fact, I believed so much that there was more to this existence, that I began “my search.” I was only 9 years old, but I remember going over to the bible that sat upon our stereo, and I turned to page one, and began reading. After about 50 or more of who begat whom, I gave up. Later, I saw a sign about vacation bible school, and I asked my mom if I could go. I sat in a pew with dozens of 5-year olds, hoping they were going to somehow answer my questions of why I was here and what this life is all about.

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For the next 25-years I continued my search, through Lutheran High School, Assemblies of God college, inter-denominational seminary, and a doctoral program in social ethics. It was like peeling an onion. Everything that I had constructed about God was unraveling before me. I suppose I needed to do that in order to stop limiting a limitless being. I continued asking the difficult questions but still found myself longing for more. It wasn’t that I felt empty. I had done enough personal work to be comfortable with who I was and clear about my gifts. It was more than that. I tried A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner Training, Reiki. Each piece showed me a little more about myself, but it began to feel like there was nothing new under the sun. People who claimed to have the latest insight or understanding were simply taking old ideas and adding a new twist.

That is when I was introduced to the Modern Mystery School, and to be honest, at first it scared me. They talked about “hidden knowledge,” but of course when anyone talks about hidden knowledge, the term “occult” always appears, and I associated that term with evil.

I got introduced to the mystery school by my wife Mel. She knew a medical doctor at her hospital who studied with the school and began speaking with her. We both got a Life Activation and within a month did Empower Thyself. Since my initiation into the lineage of King Salomon, I feel like my life has take off like a rocker.  I have taken over 40 classes with the school and continue to do so to this day, growing by leaps and bounds.

In my short 4 year journey with the Modern Mystery School I have changed so much. I am clear about my purpose and what I am meant to be doing in this life. I have an incredible arsenal of tools that bring healing and empowerment to both myself and others. I have shed much of the negative ego that often times gets in the way of embodying my whole self. I have undergone alchemical, as well as, etheric restructuring on a journey to self. Everything I am and everything I do is to now help others find their own path, to live in freedom and joy, and know true empowerment, so that each person can be who she or he is meant to be!

And it all started with the Life Activation process. It is where I recommend everyone start their journey as well. With this activation, I balance your elemental, etheric, magnetic and chakral fields. I then infuse your 12 spiritual codons with light and end with a reading of each codon. The Life Activation is like plugging you in, in many ways to something you have not fully been connected to, and the Empower Thyself class is like turning on the light switch. Those two, in combination, give people a clearer sense of self and why they are here, 10x’s the power and light, increased capacity, greater protection and an incredible amount of flow. This I believe will truly change the planet."

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