What is a Life Activation?

Imagine what your life would be like if you woke up every day feeling fulfilled and in alignment with your purpose. Imagine living with a joy you never knew was possible. Imagine living a fully activated life. Life Activation is an ancient modality, once reserved for the privileged few, to activate the DNA and help you awaken to greater levels of empowerment and potential. This activation is like plugging you back

into a power source and turning on the lights. With the lights turned on, you become more aware of your inner resources, realize hidden gifts, gain clarity about your purpose, while increasing your sense of direction and insight to guide your choices in life. I perform the Life Activation as a highly trained healer through the Modern Mystery School. The 1 1/2 hour private session includes a crown cap removal and the balancing of many layers of your energy field to allow for the maximum amount of light to flow.  It also includes activating the spiritual DNA, as well as an intuitive reading of your 12 spiritual codons.

Where Did It Come From?

A Life Activation is an ancient and sacred process that comes directly from the Lineage of King Salomon.  King Salomon brought together thousands of Shamans and Healers from all over the world for decades.  Each of these shared their healing modalities, and if they worked for every race, class, culture, part of world and time of the year, it was incorporated into the Life Activation.  

What Will It Do for Me?

The Life Activation has an overall impact for every person but can also show up for people in specific ways. Overall, it will allow you to bring in and hold more light.  It awakens you to who you truly are and helps you to understand and embrace your divine purpose so that you can live life to the fullest.  The Life Activation will unlock 

dormant gifts and talents.  It begins to release old patterns and increases brain capacity.  If you are working on a project, typically there will be more clarity and focus such that the project leaps forward.  It also helps clear up karma, 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.

What Do People Say about the Life Activation?

"I’ve become more outgoing. A definite positive vibration has come over me. I no longer am the hermit that dreads activities and just hangs out with my dog. Something in my being has definitely shifted with a positive vibration. Things don’t bug me like talking to a friend up to 12am on the phone and fearing not getting beauty rest from doing that. I’m less frazzled and more calm when doing tasks at work."          C.S.

"Mystical Awakenings has benefited my well-being!  I do not have anxiety like I was having after my Life Activation. Since then I’m feeling energized, able to focus, and show up for myself without negativity in my vibration, or depressed. I’m happy and continue my process of healing!  Subtle changes yet spot on.  I’m amazed at the growth I’ve had since my life Activation."          Rebecca Stewart

"Life Activation for me touched my very soul as I felt the magical energy move through, and old energy was cleansed and released. Kimberlee is professional and poised with her Wisdom and Knowledge of The Mystery School."          Melody Cohn

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